4 comments on ““Bad things happen. But you can still live.”

  1. Sometimes we have to take away to be able to give something better back.Whether it’s for someone or for ourselves.Makes sense?I’ve never lived on the rez but from all the articles and friends that I have who do always talk about the violence and hardship people have.Most people(now this is my opinion)have the trouble with racism when it comes to getting off the rez and trying to better theirselves.And I have always heard most who can’t take living off the rez always end up going back for one reason or another.I think it depends on the frame of mind the person is in and how strong the DESIRE is within theirselves.It’s like evrything else it’s something that has to be worked at.

    • On the whole, I agree with you, niteflyrwoman. Disclosure: I’m a 1st gen immigrant to the US. I’ve come up against various messages from “go back to where you came from” to “you call yourself a Pinay?”

      I also think the issue of “making it outside” is far more complicated than we give it credit. I think the important take away here is that there are multiple fronts that need addressing. There’s the personal responsibility part (how motivated is the individual). There’s also the societal front (do we really want to condone this type of bullying? really?). Then there’s the myriad interactions between the two. Doing good work that truly makes a difference needs, I think, awareness of these myriad interactions. It’s not enough to think that it’s all on the individual person or it’s all on society. (Then there’s the part of working with the people who you want to help…they have a say in it too!)

      But we must start somewhere–usually that’s awareness. (Key operative word: start) That’s usually where people are at….that’s a lot of places to work at.

      I’m sure there’s plenty more I am missing. But I think it best to get off my soapbox now.


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