2 comments on “We’re Not a Hierarchy, We’re an Ecosystem – Run Your Campus – The Chronicle of Higher Education

  1. Tenure seems to be a job security mechanism; once it’s reached, there’s no incentive to perform well at your job. Iow, the point at which you get tenure is the peak; while you can continue to perform well, and even excel, you can also let go and just get by with mediocre or worse performance.

    And the links. Does there exist a study that shows that people who attended more prestigious universities get better jobs? If Harvard is #1, then clearly not everyone who attended Harvard can work at Harvard, and therefore, are not working at the #1 university. Does that make them not as good as those who do work at Harvard? Or were there other factors at play — privilege, race, location, bribes, or some other corrupting influence?

    Expanding the discussion to include non-academic jobs, a lot of the same questions apply — is there a link between the ranking of the university attended and the job acquired after getting a degree? How many other factors influence who gets the better job? Who with a straight face could stand up and say they’re better than everyone else who ever applied for the job they got?

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