Date: 9/24/2011

Welcome to the 2nd iteration of MiscEtcetera! The first version of this blog was started as a library school assignment. Shout-out to San José State University SLIS class of 2008 — Go Spartans! This time around, this blog’s all about labor of love.

I’m Melissa Cardenas-Dow (author: melissaicd). Right now, I’m the Outreach/Behavioral Sciences Librarian at University of Redlands in Redlands, California. I’ve been with University of Redlands for 4 years now and my academic librarian position here is the first one I’ve held since graduating from SJSU-SLIS in 2008. I still have lots to learn!

MiscEtcetera v2 is my little corner in cyberspace. Sometimes a junk drawer, sometimes a soapbox, MiscEtcetera is the place where I write about books, libraries, information, tech trends, pop culture, and other stuff that strike my fancy. The personal and the professional intermingle on this blog. You’ve been forewarned.


Date: 02/12/2014

Lots have changed for me within the last year. I hope to make disclosures soon.


image of Daring Greatly badge

I am daring greatly. It’s not the critic who counts.

image of Free-Range Social Media Manifesto

Free-Range Social Media Manifesto

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